About 7a Records

7a Records was founded in 2015 by Danish music executive Glenn Gretlund and British broadcaster Iain Lee.

Both were big fans of the American 1960s group The Monkees. The initial idea was that 7a Records’ sole purpose would be to release Micky Dolenz’s MGM singles, after which Glenn and Iain would shake hands and walk their separate ways. However, the success of the Micky Dolenz release quickly opened the door for other exciting projects, and Glenn and Iain started to release a string of other Monkee related releases including two previously unreleased Michael Nesmith albums, as well as the critically acclaimed 2018 album, Michael Nesmith & The First National Redux – Live At The Troubadour.

The catalogue also includes non-Monkees related artists such as Imani Coppola, Denis King and Frank Sidebottom. Iain Lee sold his share in the company to Glenn Gretlund in 2020. More recently, 7a announced that Micky Dolenz is recording a brand new album for the label, “Dolenz Sings Nesmith”, scheduled for release early 2021. It will be 7a’s biggest financial undertaking to date and also marks a departure from being a ‘reissue only’ label.

7a are known for their deluxe CD and Vinyl packaging and for their attention to detail. Quality is more important than profit.

It’s a label for fans by fans.

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Glenn Gretlund
CEO and Co-founder, 7A Records Ltd