The Lemon Sherbets – More Affordable Lemons (Yellow Vinyl)

Artist: Lemon Sherbets
Format: Vinyl
Bar-code: 5060209950594
Cat No: 7A059LP

7A Records are proud to present the debut album by The Lemon Sherbets – “More Affordable Lemons”. The Lemon Sherbets is a new band from the UK that describe themselves as an art collective that doesn’t really exist. “More Affordable Lemons” is filled with great, fun Power-Pop and is bound to put a smile on your face. Several of the songs have a Beatles’ influenced sound to them, not least “The Magical Mr. E”, which is a tribute to the Beatles’ road manager Mal Evans. Whereas “Between Two Smiles” was inspired by The Zombies’ “Care of Cell 44” from their Odessey & Oracle” album. Check out the Lemon Sherbets, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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SKU: 7A059LP
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Side One

1. Between Two Smiles
2. The Feeling Is Fleeting
3. Wednesday
4. All Will Become Clear
5. The Magical Mr E
6. Orange Tree

Side Two

1. Beach Ready Baby
2. Bonbon Napoleon
3. Careless With Love
4. Why Don’t You Pass It On
5. Inner City Heartbreak
6. Down Came The Rain