The Lemon Sherbets – More Affordable Lemons

Artist: Lemon Sherbets
Format: CD
Bar-code: 5060209950587
Cat No: 7A058

7A Records are proud to present the debut album by The Lemon Sherbets – “More Affordable Lemons”. The Lemon Sherbets is a new band from the UK that describe themselves as an art collective that doesn’t really exist. “More Affordable Lemons” is filled with great, fun Power-Pop and is bound to put a smile on your face. Several of the songs have a Beatles’ influenced sound to them, not least “The Magical Mr. E”, which is a tribute to the Beatles’ road manager Mal Evans. Whereas “Between Two Smiles” was inspired by The Zombies’ “Care of Cell 44” from their Odessey & Oracle” album. Check out the Lemon Sherbets, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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SKU: 7A058
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Track Listing

1. Between Two Smiles
2. The Feeling Is Fleeting
3. Wednesday
4. All Will Become Clear
5. The Magical Mr E
6. Orange Tree
7. Beach Ready Baby
8. Bonbon Napoleon
9. Careless With Love
10. Why Don’t You Pass It On
11. Inner City Heartbreak
12. Down Came The Rain